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Originally Posted by daGreenGiant View Post
What is Milan Lucic worth?

Despite the disappointing season, and the fact that he is a hated player in MTL, I'm sure everyone would love to have him wearing a Habs jersey. Probably the player who has caused the most damage to our team in the past 5 years. I feel like he is exactly the player we need on our top 6 to complement our little guys.

If Bergevin was to trade him for our 1st round pick/Nashville's 2nd Round and a 3rd round + prospect(s) (Beaulieu/Kristo), I would be extremely satisfied. Even with a deep draft, and even considering Lucic is having a bad season. Keep in mind Lucic brings much more than points to the table. 55-65 pts Lucic>70pts any offensive player

1. Lucic is a risky choice. His best days are behind him.
2. He has a history of injuring and fighting Habs, and suddenly he's playing for us. It's absurd.
3. You offer up Beaulieu or Kristo for him. I just cannot believe you did that. That is way too much already. AND a 1, 2 and 3? Do you think Lucic is Jesus or something?
4. Trades in division are very rare.

Otherwise, bang on. Not. Bergy would be dragged out and hung for a trade like that. It would ruin the Habs for the next 7 years.

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