Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers Lose 3-1
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04-22-2013, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
This year maybe. But for the last four seasons its been the majority of the posters salivating for a new rookie to slot into their imaginary lineup that will lead us to the imaginary SC. The draft threads are more active than the GDTs.

Not saying you are included in that group because I seem to recall a lot of complaining from you, but most of the board was actually cheering for the tank - fully on board in support of Katz and Tamby"s plan to sewer the team real good.
Well, what did you expect with a team that was well out of the playoff race by January of every season? Of course, the draft threads were going to be more active than the GDT's towards the end of each season, what else was there to cheer for?
I do know that i would rather have Hall, RNH and Yakupov than the guys drafted between 7-10th.
Also, this isn't the only board actively cheering for a tank. I've seen just about every fanbase cheering for a tank towards the end of the season, every single one. It's natural to want the best prospect possible when there's absolutely nothing to play for towards the end of the season.

I have not actively wanted the team to tank until the last 10 games or so of these seasons and i can see why a lot of fans wanted these top prospects, that's the only way a team like the Oilers can build a core. I also understand why some fans get frustrated at the tank talk.
I am also hoping that they lose games down the stretch now not only to strengthen the draft position for better trade value/better prospect but to also force MacT's hand into making serious changes starting with the entire coaching staff.

I was in support of Tambellini's plan up until this past offseason when he did nothing but bring in 2 rookies. I expected him to do more at that point and was real disappointed that he expected Schultz and Yakupov to turn this into a playoff team.
Now, i have no expectations anymore. Just numb at this point and hope for the best.

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