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Originally Posted by SherbrookeW View Post
"Not preaching one way or another but you might not have used the best example there. After seeing the Flyers using intimidation to win two consecutive Cups, Scotty Bowman, then Montreal coach, got a bunch of goons to play a pre-season game vs Philly in the 1975-1976 season. Many say that move had turned the tables around as the Flyers were unable, from that point on, to intimidate the Canadiens who then went on to win four Stanley Cups in a row."

I don't know you were in 1975-76, but it wasn't at the Forum. Winning or losing a pre-season game with "goons" -- who, exactly?-- had exactly nothing to do with the Habs triumph that year. It was true that, briefly, Bowman put together a muscle beach line of Chartraw, Bouchard, and I think Cam Connor, to show the Flyers that the Habs wouldn't be intimidated. But the Habs beat the Flyers entirely and exclusively by outskating and outskilling them, from beginning to end. Go back and read the SI round up of the series if you doubt this. Robinson laid a perfectly clean, perfectly solid hip check on Gary Dornhoffer, and that was it for serious physical play by Montreal in that series. Moral? Highly skilled play ALWAYS beats thuggery -- as witness the Red Army teams of the same era. A thug appeals to the thug element; it has nothing whatever to do with winning Cups.
Not sure what you're implying with the first sentence but if you mean I wasn't born, you're wrong. In fact, I doubt you're older than me since it doesn't ring a bell for you. I can't name the players Bowman brought along in Philly (no doubt Lupien, Bouchard and Chartraw were there) but I remember some of the reports; Risebrough fighting Clarke, I think Schultz leaving the bench, referee calling the game with some time left on the clock. That game was later considered as the element that changed the Canadiens attitude towards intimidation.

The Robinson hit on Dornhoefer occurred a few dozens feet below where I was sitting so yes I do remember it. I also remember the celebration in game 4 in Philadelphia, Lambert's goal in OT in Boston, Beliveau's 500th goal against the North Stars (hat trick) and even the Canadiens surprised victory in game 7 in Chicago with Henri Richard as the hero in '71. Must I assume you weren't born or too young to remember any of this?

As for your Red Army comment, another bad example. While Montreal tied them in one of the best games ever played at the Forum, the Flyers beat the Red Army while Clarke, Kelly, Van Impe and co. were intimidating them. The Soviets even left the ice, threatening to end the game.

You're just not finding the right examples that would prove your point.

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