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Originally Posted by shazariahl View Post
My thoughts exactly. Even if, per game, Lemieux was just as good (which I don't think, but whatever), I'm left comparing two guys: one who missed tons of games and even entire seasons where he couldn't help his team, vs one who didn't. Both performed at similar levels, but one did it more each season, and for more seasons. While doing so, he also set every major scoring record ever, won more Hart and Art Ross trophies, and won twice as many championships as the person being compared to him. On a per game bases, sure, they're close. As for who was better over a season, decade, or career? Gretzky in every category.
Originally Posted by tazzy19 View Post
Nice cherry pick. You just happened to use a year where one of the top 3 or 4 players ever to play the game had the best points year of his entire career, and one of the top 5 points seasons of all time. I'd like to see Gordie Howe compete with that.

And since we're cherry picking, I'll pick 30 year old Gretzky over 28 year old Gretzky any day of the week . After all, he demolished 2nd place that year by over 30 points, and beat his closest teammate by over 70 points, didn't he? (Oh, and let's not forget the best assist season of all time by anyone not named.....oh, that's right, himself.)
But Howe was actually 28 in the season I posted. It would have been simpler to just mention Yzerman's Pearson in 1989, but he wasn't 28 that season. It wasn't Howe's best season but it was one of the two best for both Lindsay and Beliveau. Andy Bathgate also had a very strong season.

I'll take 23 year old Yzerman over 28 year old Gretzky in the same season (for several reasons), but if I'm limited to 28 year old players Howe is definitely above Gretzky.

As for 30 year-olds, Bourque has a pretty strong case with 94 points that year, coming after a year in which he should have won the Hart while not scoring that much. Which would you call his peak year?

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