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04-22-2013, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
So why is Mike Brown on this club? I keep wondering.

Overhaul required in bottomsix. Need some supporting players. Horc, Smyth, just awful.

3 secs left in a period and I don't care what you do but don't allow a scoring chance right off the draw which results in a goal. Horrible play by Dumbnyk who was already thinking dressing room but jebus.

Only a joke of a club gives up that buzzer beater.

Kind of how the game and season went.

My own take is it will be literally impossible to build a team that cares about results as long as horcoff is here.

Haven't seen a captain since moreau mail it in on this many nights.

Would it be impossible for this club to show a little enthusiasm for more than 20mins.

They folded after the first.
it even more disgusting when you look at a team such as columbus. their far, far better goaltending aside, the level of compete compared to the Oilers is disturbing.
heck even the flames. Calgary is having their worst year in team history (yet they are still ahead of the oilers) and their grab bag of castoffs and AHL players are showing so much more than edmonton does.

anyone who defends the oilers season in any way, should be ashamed of themselves.
All I know is I'm all for stripping Horcoff of the "C" and planting in on the chest of Hall. he's the only oiler who comes to compete every single day.
that and if smyth is still on the team next year, it will show each and every player that effort and results do NOT matter with the Edmonton Oilers, and their is no true accountability, either.

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