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04-22-2013, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
I dont know for sure QcB, but I'd be very surprised if Bettman would back then have tipped his hand, shown his cards to Fehr in openly stating that Quebec was a definite destination for the Coyotes. He's been very careful not to go that far, simply mumbling words to the affect that "both Seattle & Quebec would be good markets" or whatever. The company line & talking points with the public, the media & I would think the NHLPA has been "we continue to work towards finalising a sale in Glendale" and any talk of relocation & specific markets dismissed beyond the aforementioned platitudes. Indeed, the relationship between the league & the PA, between Bettman & Fehr doesnt strike me as being very cordial, that Gary would even feel it was any of the NHLPA's business where the Coyotes wind up, where any teams located. Wasnt even a topic the NHL was willing to discuss during the CBA negotiations.
We have no way of knowing if Bettman did make or not remark in private about the subject. Something like this. "Yes we are asking you to lower your share HRR but we are also working on removing a few drain to HRR soon." It all speculation.

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