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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Despite the fact that Gretzky wins the "total accumulation" offensive race, I choose Lemieux as the better player for the 90s.


Instead of simply being an elite player from the mid 90s on like Gretzky, Lemieux was still DOMINANT. This is where the "Lemieux>Gretzky" view comes from. Those too young to have seen dominant Gretzky saw Lemieux (the best player in the world) playing a significantly higher level of hockey than they ever saw from Gretzky. Lemieux's mirror was shattered after he returned from retirement, in the same way Gretzky's was; an older, declined Lemieux was still a great player but couldn't dominate like he once did.

It's an argument that happens often; many Wings fans prefer Datsyuk to Fedorov, and there have been many who felt Fedorov was better than Yzerman. The historical truth of the matter is the complete reverse.
Yup 90's Mario was better then 90's Gretzky. Mario was dominant and being 5 years younger had taken over being the best in the world. He might have missed time but Mario was sheer domination when he did step on the ice.

Fans that saw a declining Gretzky in New York, or Mario after his 3 and a half year retirement do not understand how great either were at their best.

Also Coffey. He gets treated like he was Marc-Andre Bergeron or something. Because people remember him hanging around in Carolina or something. When he had a first 15 seasons as one of the best defencemen ever... And in Edmonton he was a freak of nature.

Watch the 1987 Canada Cup on DVD. Watch Gretzky... And Mario. Especially Gretzky. Almost everyone on the ice in the 3 game final is a HHOFer or near that caliber. Gretzky is in another world above them. He creates scoring chances every shift. Steals pucks... Is otherworldly. And he is playing vs the best of the Soviets and with a team if Hall of Famers.

If somehow the Oilers had Mario too. And Gretzky was on a line with him. Mario would have got 125 goals and Grekzky like 200 assists. It sounds ridiculous.... But you can see the level Mario and Gretzky were at compared to the others. Even Kurri and Messier and Anderson were not nearly as good as Mario. Mario and Gretzky together in say 1986-1990 would have blown away any records the two had on their own.

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