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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
I gotta say... any of the top 8 picks would be solid picks... anyone here that says any of them would be redundant on the Oilers... really?

A near basement team for 4 years running doesn't have "too much" depth imo.

Drouin and Nichushkin seem to be the two players most would avoid because they are wingers... yet they may be two of the most talented and highest ceiling players in this draft.

I agree... C and D are priorities but elite talent is elite talent... if they are there and are BPA when they pick... you have to consider them.

Everyone wants a power forward for the top 6... that's Nichushkin to a T. Size, speed, skill... all 3 of the magic S's in one player. What's not to like?

Drouin is arguably the most skilled and innately talented player in this entire draft. I've read comparisons to Giroux/Kane. I don't know about others here but I wouldn't mind Giroux or Kane on the Oilers. His only knock is his size. Is he really that small though?

I've seen him listed as 5'11 and variously at 175/180/185 lbs and he's just turned 18 a few weeks ago... and would it be out of the realm of possibility for him to put on 10-20 lbs as he further develops and matures? Even if he stays at 180/185... that's still not "tiny". Plenty of NHL players are at that weight or just 5 lbs heavier.

Quick look at the NHL bios of the 822 skaters to play in the NHl this season... 200 out of the 822 skaters are listed at 190 lbs or lighter... so almost 1 in 4 skaters are "lightweights". I won't even bother listing some of the elite talents among those 200 "lightweights"... but safe to say there are a whole bunch on that list that I'd love to have on the Oilers.
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