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04-22-2013, 01:19 PM
Change is good.
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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Werent you a Knicks fan 8 months ago? What happened?
Hahaha - I forgot you've been out of country. You must've missed the whole debate over last summer. I was a Knicks fan, but with my home borough getting its own team and the Lin debacle both happening at the same time, I officially made the switch.
Originally Posted by First Man In View Post
I see the nets losing in the 2nd round. Lopez is arguably top 5, D-Will is top 5, and Wallace is a top 5 defender for a 3/4 hybrid. Need to get hot to advance past Chicago. Good luck.
Seems to me they could cool off from how they played on Saturday to get past Chicago. Like I said - I think they can beat any team in the league, except Miami. Unfortunately, I don't see anyone beating the stupid Heatles.

Originally Posted by First Man In View Post
Center I take before Lopez
1. Howard
2. Bynum
3. Chandler
4. Hibbert (oozes potential at 7'3"
5. Noah (arguable)
Crazy talk. Howard is the ONE possible argument. (Which is why I said "arguably the best".) Dwight is clearly the better defender and rebounder, but Lopez has improved dramatically in both areas and is the much better offensive player. Throw in the fact that you can't have Howard on the floor in the closing minutes of a tight game due to his inability to hit FTs... it can go either way.

Bynum misses more time than Lopez and, while more athletic, isn't actually better than Lopez at either offense or defense.

Chandler? Really? Clearly a Knick fan speaking. I love Tyson - he was one of my favorites on the Knicks. But, while he is a great leader, rebounder and defender, he is not dramatically better than Lopez in any of those areas - and he's multiple tiers below him on offense.

You give Hibbert credit for 7'3" and potential, yet would pick him over Lopez who is 7'1" and has actually realized his potential (and is continuing to improve)? C'mon. (And, for the record, the Hoyas are my major college team.)

Noah is a solid player with great athleticism and a phenomenal motor, but he has a significant size disadvantage and, again, is the dramatically inferior offensive player.

Serious question: how much have you watched Lopez this year? He has become a dominant force on both the offensive and defensive ends and his rebounding is getting dramatically better (he'd average more if Evans didn't take so many of them).

Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Best center in the league... are you mad? 1 - can't be the best center in the league when you're injured for large chunks every ****ing season. 2 - he's had 1 dominant season, and that's been this year. 3 - he just put it all together and he's still not as good as howard, tyson, or noah. He's definitely made leaps and bounds this year, but best center in the league? No way.

Top 10 SG in Gerald Wallace? Let's see how elite he is being guarded against Wade/Lebron, or Shumpert.

No argument on Deron, i've loved his play since his Illinois days.

They're scary, are maybe good for 1 upset this playoffs, but I don't think they can match up with the Heat, Knicks, or Pacers.
See above regarding Lopez. As for the top 10 SG, I think maybe you forgot the Nets have Joe Johnson...? Hard to argue he isn't at least the 10th best SG in the league.

We'll see how far they go - I like their chances against anyone other than Miami.

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