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Originally Posted by Neely08 View Post
You're worried a/b precedence. So am I. No accident all those trauma surgeons were ready at those hospitals. No coincidence you saw all those disparate agencies act in concert so succinctly, under a single command structure, to achieve a single objective. Anyone who works in Public Safety will tell you, this was nothing short of a miracle. But it wasn't a miracle. All of the above prepared, trained, and planned for this. Additional to that, professionals work day and night to prevent this from ever happening. Yet, these two still couldn't be stopped once they put their plan in motion. Even despite a heads up from the Russians.

Slippery slopes go both ways. These two walking stool samples killed 3 people and injured 100+ w/ 2 pressure cookers. They also managed to shut down a whole city. I'm not even going into the ramifications of that. I'm worried a/b when it's a truck w/ 2000 pounds of explosives that kills hundreds. Or a genuine active cell, w/ multiple trucks. Say we get lucky, like we have been for 12 years, interdict and catch one of them. Want to treat fanatical terrorists like bank robbers and people who get caught w/ a joint in their car? This is what the public safety exception to Miranda is for. But I don't think it's enough.

Let them lawyer up, clam up, then watch a city block and hundreds of innocent people go up? All because we couldn't figure out how to draw the distinction between terrorists, and those who the laws were really meant to protect? The innocent.

It's 2013, the nuclear genie is out of the bottle and it's not going back in. A fission device and centrifuges are 1940's technology. Today it's only a matter of attaining the materials. Another 20 years? Wait until it's a whole city, maybe then it will be enough to draw the distinction. Because at that point? You can pretty much take the bill of rights, stick it in a vault, kiss it goodbye, and save it for a smarter generation.

I'm not saying they should crumple up the constitution. But they need to introduce some sort of legislation in specific regard to terrorism, and in all forms, ratified by the supreme court. And, do it before we're in a another situation like this.
I don't think you are but everything you said prior** would somewhat require just that to be done. I don't say that as a criticism, and I mostly agree with you. It just goes to show how dicey this is.

Neither of us are lawyers, but it seems that if either of us are remotely correct, some new laws need to be introduced and quickly.

Also, the nuke thing. Look at #2 on this list. Remember reading about this a while back, scary stuff.

** Edit- Not everything you said, just the suspending their citizen rights bit. I admittedly know next to nothing about the public safety exception.

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