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Originally Posted by Kebekoi View Post
Quebec should play in the "MidWest" like Winnipeg played in the SouthEast until they realign again later.
That would still require a realignment. If the Coyotes move to Quebec a Mid West division team would need to move back to the Pacific for your plan to work. Otherwise there'd be 6 teams in the Pacific and 8 in the Mid West.

Bettman has been pretty clear about the Coyotes relocating in the past. He specifically stated that if the Coyotes moved to Hamilton they would continue to play in their existing division. That's exactly what happened with Atlanta. The Thrashers did not change divisions when they moved to Winnipeg. It took two full seasons to get the league to agree to a realignment.

I believe the league has precluded relocation to Quebec with their realignment plan. If the league had any contingency plan for Quebec they would have left Columbus or Detroit in the West. They would not have put 16 teams in the east and 14 in the west if they had any inkling that the Coyotes would move to the east. It took years to move Detroit, Dallas, and Columbus into their new divisions. I can not see how any of those teams would voluntarily move back to a bad alignment after one or two seasons.

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