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04-22-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
Yes, Tyson is LEAGUES above Brook when it comes to defense. It can't be understated how much better Tyson is. This year Tyson struggled a little, but every year sans this one Tyson blows Lopez out of the water.
I'm sorry, but this is just wrong. Tyson is by no means LEAGUES better than Lopez on defense. He is a marginally better defensive player (and for the record, that is a compliment on Brook's improvement, not any knock on Tyson's skill), but the only area where there is leagues difference is on offense.

Seriously - how much have you guys actually watched Lopez this year? I've watched nearly every game. He is far and away the best offensive center in the league - hell, he's one of the most dangerous offensive PLAYERS in the league - and he's become a difference maker on defense as well. To use the HF convention:

Defense: Chandler > Lopez
Offense: Lopez >>> Chandler

Brook is the overall better player - and again, Tyson is one of my favorite players in the league not on the Nets. But you don't have to take my word for it, check Hollinger's stats:

Lopez is FIFTH in the league. Chandler? 43rd.

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