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04-22-2013, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Mork View Post
Exactly what is the "arbitrary convention" that you have in mind? I'm not aware of any conventions on realignment.

I interpet realignment to have been a thoughtful decision-making process that would be completely surprising if it did not take an imminent move of the Coyotes to QC into account.

If such a move were at all likely, the NHL could have held off announcing realignment until franchise locations were settled.

I'm no more or less happy whatever happens to the Coyotes - Phoenix, Quebec, Seattle or Timbuktu are all fine with me. It's not like I'm rooting against QC.

The only way I could see QC in the cards is if the NHL has an understanding with Columbus that their move to the Eastern Conference is conditional upon the situation in QC. That could well be the case and outside our knowledge.

However, based on all we do know (which, frankly, is not really all that much) Phoenix to QC does not look at all likely; the complicated re-realignment scenarios are even less likely; and Detroit going back to the Western Conference is a non-starter.
That's exactly it. Why make the announcement if it's only a matter of 2-3 months to announcing a move to QC?

I think it's not set in stone, and the only thing we really can take away from the realignment plan is that two teams will be added to the NHL by way of expansion within 2-3 yrs.

Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
i'm still baffled by how many posters here seem to think the current realignment plan will greatly affect where the coyotes get placed. surely the league has various plans.
They have more information than we do.

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