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04-22-2013, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by villevalo View Post
Finland - Leo Komarov? Estonian born?

The countries that don't have dual nats don't have any that are better then their home grown guys. I'm not arguing to have dual nats for the sake of it, if you have a pool of guys that qualify and the 22 or so players are all the best and all home grown then fantastic, but if the 22 best players in that pool aren't all home grown then whats the bloody problem. Especially as when the above shows that when they need to the top nations all use dual nat guys.

I mean for goodness sake, some of these teams in the WC wont even have all their best players as these 'patriots' will be playing in the playoffs. If we're arguing that dual nats shouldn't play because it's not fair on the home grown guys, what about the better nations and the Olympics. If the best guys turned the national team down for the WC's is it then not fair for the guys who played in the WC's to be replaced by the better guys? I didn't hear any outrage when Crosby scored.
Komarov was born in Estonia, moved to a Swedish speaking Finish town as a kid and played his hockey there. If you lived in Canada you would have heard that story 82 times because the Canadian media brings it up every time a Leafs game is played

As I said before, who are all these GB dual nationals who are better then the GB players picked? (+ The GB players missing due to injuries/playoffs)

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