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Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
Haven't been able to follow this thread since the return of hockey in January, has the team been sold, did they find Jamison, is there a lease agreement for 13-14?

End of the week I shall give this thread my full attention.
Short form?

no, nope, and well not yet/depends.

IF I understand things correctly, CoG is looking for someone to manage the arena but not necessarily run the Yotes (IE they could sell to someone who wants to book concerts, rodeos, ect ect). There is no buyer for the Yotes, and it sounds like the most any "fee" that is going to be paid is about 6 million a year TOTAL-meaning if someone managed the arena who didn't buy the Yotes, the person who buys the yotes, unless they are managing the arena, isn't going to get anything more.

My understanding we are waiting for 2 days really: Playoff start (where its been speculated/rumored whatever that an announcement would happen before the playoffs start). The big date seems to be May 24, where CoG (to my understanding) has to then to reach an agreement with a buyer to keep team in Glendale/or if buyer outside of Glendale needs that time to work out where they would play next year.

That's my take, and posters may correct/update/give more info on what's going on-but short form, it really isn't looking good for the Yotes staying in the desert right now.

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