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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
(my response isn't very neatly organized, sorry I didn't know how to shape it)

Bergevin decided to essentially throw away THIS season for the idea of success in upcoming seasons. Surely you don't disagree? When your two direct rivals shore up by picking up hall of famers, and in Pittsburgh's case making FOUR trades for established NHL players that means that our team either so surpassed Bergevin's vision that he thought we were better than the rest of the East even with the trades OR that we were still weak and he didn't want to sacrifice 2nd rounders for patchwork pickups.

So you buy or you sell.

He pulled a Gainey and did neither, in fact he extended the two players we should be getting phasing out (undersized, medium-talented players who need special roles and personalized ice-time) and sat on his bloody hands thinking that there would be no more injuries coming up. For the record Drewiskie is a crap hockey player who got surpassed by rookies every year for the past few years. He's not good, he's not okay, he's not even an established NHL player. He's literally the definition of a warm body and folks who have no idea what they're looking at see his average skating ability and think that means he's an adequate defenseman. He's not, he's awful physically and cannot read plays for his life. He chases the puck like a blind dog. He's not someone you can rely on for anything.

Neither is Bouillon, neither is Weber, neither is Pateryn or Beaulieu or Tinordi. I was clamoring to pick up an actual d-man from the start, someone like Klesla or JBo and this is exactly why. You don't need more soft-minute chumps who look good in spurts, you need the safe-20+min a night kinda guys who can soak in pressure and not embarrass himself. So what if Jbo was a 1st and some crap prospects? HE CAN HELP YOU WIN THE CUP. I just seems like after years of being beat up and **** on by the tougher teams in the league, our fanbase has gotten an inferiority complex where next season is gonna be the good one.

Gorges, Subban and Markov will bounce back, Diaz looks good but there isn't another NHL d-man on our team and that's Bergevin's failing. And it's bull that he "couldn't foresee" injuries. You have to be pro-active like Shero was, whose team is kicking ass even with all his starting players injured.

While small sample-size is true - we hadn't struggled or really been out-played until the deadline so no one really knew if this squad had the mettle to actually win through adversity - that's where foresight come in. Bergevin played it way too safe and left our fate in the hands of Pittsburgh and Boston. He let them decide the prices, he let them strengthen their teams, he let them call every shot. Rookie GM move and it really hurt us.

You can't say that there's always next year when it comes to a full season of winning- we were guaranteed a playoff spot, he should've revitalized the team with some pickups and played for the cup. You play the sport to win. You play for the cup every season. Anyone who says otherwise has no idea what goes on in a lockerroom: every pre-season every team and every player says the same thing: to make the playoffs and play for the cup. Next season with Markov older, Gionta weaker, Bouillon and Halpern 38 and potential sophomore slumps for Gally and Chucky do you think they'll perform BETTER with an 82-game schedule, road-trips out west and injury risks blocking shots for 82 games?

This season was a godsend and Bergevin betrayed it.

If Bergevin thought we'd suffer no injures from the deadline until the end of the finals he should be fired on the spot.

Diaz wasn't playing at the time, that means Bergevin felt comfortable playing Drewiskie and Bouillon into the playoffs. For which, again, I dock him major points.

Yeah yeah he changed the culture, yeah yeah he's a pretty handsome guy but he's nobody special in my book - his signings and ineptitude at the deadline are worrying signs and the fact that he gets no flak from our enlightened fanbase or the Montreal media reminds me of sideshow Bob Gainey's later days. Worrying signs indeed.
I also don't like the Desharnais and Bouillon signings. If Desharnais ends up being more of a sign and trade deal I'll forgive him for it but... you're right. The biggest thing for me is that he needs protected minutes to produce. If the plan is for him to play on our 3rd line in the future, I suppose I can live with it. As it stands now, I'd rather him be moved to improve another position.

What I don't agree with is the fact that you believe now is the time to compete. It's possible that Bergevin believes that this team has a better chance to compete for the cup in a couple of years. Montreal has been trading picks and prospects to make it into the playoffs for the last 10 years, it hasn't worked. We've been a fringe team with some lucky bursts but surely not a contender.

The Blackhawks were built through the draft and supported internally instead of bringing in aging expensive players for assets. This is what Bergevin was "raised" in. It just so happens that Chicago will likely be one of the best teams in the NHL for the next ~6-8 years. They've done a good job developing their prospects and retaining them. We haven't. We're still rebuilding, we're still looking to develop the core we have.

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