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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Yep pretty much. Honestly I'm not sure why this hasn't been looked into more. SC has no NTC, and could be traded anywhere, and would net a monster return. Unless his playoffs are amazing, his value would have been highest last summer as a RFA (or just after he was signed).

Would Edmonton trade one of their big 4 for him? Not sure... but SC's return, and the fact that Luongo can still play at a high level... asset wise, makes a lot more sense.

But there's 2 questions. Does Gillis think he can win with Luongo in net, and does Luongo still want to stay in Vancouver after what's happened, or would he prefer a fresh start?
I love what Schneider is able to do, but Luongo isn't exactly a bottom tier goalie. Edmonton will not trade one of the big 4 (5?) straight, but that would be a huge return, even having to add from our end.

I don't know what Gillis thinks. Unless he is meddling in the affairs of Vignault, and forcing Schneider's hand, I don't think Lu has been playing poorly at all. His stats are thrown off by the same number of dismal games as Schneider, but with fewer "soft" (and I use the term loosely here) to recover.

As for Lu, I am of the mind that if we make him our guy once more, say stealing the reins during the playoffs, he'd be happy staying.

Originally Posted by nhlfan9191 View Post
You would think Luongo wants a fresh start in the worst possible way. I would say there's probably a 95% chance Schneider doesn't get moved. It's amazing Luongo can keep his level up with all he's gone threw the past couple of years. It's time for him to move on. Unfortunately, his contract is a boat anchor.
Again, I am of the mind Lu wants to start. This can mean a new start elsewhere, or with his change in personality (or the reveal of his personality), it could be a new start here. He didn't come out ala Nash last deadline, although he did make it clear he was expecting a deal to be done, but not seeing Lu in a Canucks uniform will be very strange.

I say move the goalie that will fetch us the better return.

Originally Posted by doobie604 View Post
"Trade CS for good return and keel RL.", ok CS for good young player... "No, he's unproven, most he'll get is a pick not in the top 5, prospect not named blah blah, and scrub roster player." Rinse and repeat.

Unless we get a top young prospect who can contribute now for CS, there is no point trading him. Waive RL if we have to but noway are we're getting rid of CS for futures. If management messed up on the contract and needs to spend millions to fix it, then do it. Fans pay enough to support the team so they need to fix their problem instead of making it worse.
I'd say after this season, no one in the right mind can't say Schneider has to prove himself further. If a team wants him, they are paying the price for what we see him as: A starting goalie that has taken the starting position, on a playoff team, from one of the top two goalies of this hockey generation (going back, say, 10 years).

I agree with no just giving Schneider up for scraps, I don't want to see him thrown away either, but CS's return >> Lu's matter which direction we go with (futures or trying to create a one-two year juggernaut).

If there are not suitable offers, a buy out of Lu is something that can be done, but I don't think it will ever come to that.

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