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04-22-2013, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
Here's the thing though--the Kroenkes have been active in directing the Nuggets without being meddlesome (i.e. Snider/Melnyk) so I don't see them doing anything like that with the Avs. The problem I have with their trust in Lacroix is that it's completely blind nowadays. I get it too--the guy has a sterling reputation in the hockey world despite the fact the franchise hasn't won a Cup in 12 years and counting--but I don't see how in hell they can continue with their policy of salutary neglect in light of the embarrassing situations the team has found themselves in this season. Between the O'Reilly situation, Sacco's clear incompetence, and Giguere's callout of the team, they're willfully ignoring things if they don't do anything about it.
We don't know if they are not going to do anything about it yet. If it comes next season and nothing has changed, then you can blast them. This season has made it obvious that at least 1 change needs to be made, Sacco, and a second one is really possible, Sherman.

Their trust in Lacroix is understandable. The guy won 2 cups and routinely had a cup contending team. Then the salary cap killed the roster and there was not enough prospect depth to deal with the change so the team eventually had to rebuild. Now the rebuild has had a couple of bumps, but nothing too severe yet. If you change your full structure now, it is almost like admitting this rebuild was a failure and it might be time to start over again. There is too much young talent on this team to do that, but if that happens in a couple years, I would be that PL is one of the first to be fired.

As for not winning a cup in 12 years... there are a lot of teams on that list. Talk about spoiled fans. Since the Avs won, the only teams to win the cup are: New Jersey, Detroit, Tampa, Carolina, Anaheim, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston, and LA. Teams like Philly, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, NYR, etc. are all in the same boat in not winning a cup in the same period or longer.

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