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04-22-2013, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
No one is saying he doesn't have the capability to be the player he will SURELY be in a few years, but there's a reason they told him to KISS. That's right, he's a young rookie, reinforcing the fact that this is not the time to bring him in and tell him to do things he hasn't done at the NHL level. I'll say it again, if he had never been sent back down, MT could have done a lot more with him and he might be ready for this assignment, but this is too much to ask from him now and too much risk for the team.

Do you really think he'll step in and become Rob Blake (i.e. dishing it out + being strong positionally and not getting deked out of his pants?)

Anyone remember the first year of Komisarek? He was more of a beast AND got to play the season. It was when Komi learned to control his hits that he became effective. Then he became an all-star, then a member of truculence nation, now entertaining fans at RICOH coliseum. That last part was me just hating on the traitor (though I'm thankful we dodged that bullet).

I'm not sure what your expectations for him are. I certainly dont think he has to be a hit machine but he is still our best choice to clear the front of the net, and that is something he CAN do while keeping it simple.

could he get exposed as not being ready, sure he could. but you play him guarded minutes in the right situation and he can address one of the things that is currently plaguing the team. I dont think he's dramatically more exposable than wiskey or diaz and even if he is under strick orders NOT to hit, he's still at least as physical as those two.

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