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Originally Posted by reidy View Post
If a suspect is held as an enemy combatant, do the typical rights granted go out the window? Like, could they have holed him up in some windowless room with an interrogator free to treat him as he pleases (I'm imagining the interrogation scenes from Zero Dark Thirty here, for example).
No one can really say for certain what happens when in custody but it's probably a far cry from the three hots and a cot he'd get in a typical federal facility. Enemy combatants are basically handed over to a military component, for "eventual" prosecution in a military proceeding--though no limits on how long the detention could last. Some consider detention to be acceptable for as long as the "war or conflict" lasts, so you could argue that he could be detained for as long as the War on Terrorism lasts...

No one can say for sure if holding centers still exist on US soil, but typically such treasonous dogs, whether or not U.S. citizens, can be held at Gitmo.

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