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12-30-2003, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by G Man 77
When I say overrated, I mean by other teams IMO... on the trading market. No actual facts to back this up, but I do believe a lot of teams would be interested in him... they still remember how he was leading the playoff scoring when he was taken out.

There is no NEED to move Zednik for those guys, I agree.

My point was more we have to give up some decent assets if we're going to land a guy like Lecavalier... and we can "afford" to trade Zednik because we have these guys in the wings, and hopefully at least 2 of those make it so they'll eventually need the room anyway.

He's still a big, young and talented body who would finally fill our need at #1 center... plus the locals would be thrilled to have homeboy superstar on the offensive side of the puck.

I hope you're not saying you wouldn't take him.

Sorry but I just can't get past his attitude, and the fact he's invisible in Hamilton right now as we speak... I'm hearing about every other forward on that team expect him, and with his NHL experience you'd expect him to be one of the top performers.

Some guys take time to develop the SKILLS like Ryder, or even Ribeiro & Ward... but when the problem is between the ears I'm simply not optimistic about a turnaround.
And so is the team IMO, if Gainey manages to pull off a deal of significance this year... expect to see him included in the deal.

Well that's the whole point of trading, move players who are potentially overvalued by other teams on the trading market... Zednik & Rivet fit into that category IMO. Then you have Hossa who not only has the name, but a good skill set not to mention size... for some reason he's just imploding here but a change of scenery could turn things around for him.
Then there's Koivu, he's the only guy who is full value... but as I said he needs to go so we can change captains and because we need to make room for the big #1 center we need.

I would like to know if you would make that deal or not... Koivu, Zednik, Rivet, Hossa -----> for Lecavalier, Parrish.
Or how fair it is asset wise, even if it might not make sense in terms the different teams' needs.

What makes you think that Rivet & Zednik are "overvalued" on the trade market. Rivet is probably close to untradeable (given his high contract) and Zednik is also not producing at a level that equates to his level of pay. Neither guys is "overvalued" - both are actually going to be quite hard to move for decent return.

Man, do I ever miss Oleg Kvasha. If Oleg was here, everything would be OK.
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