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04-22-2013, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by PietB View Post
Congratulations to Köln for playing a fantastic season. They definitely won a nice chunk of my sympathy in the past few months.
They seemed to win quite some sympathy among German hockey fans with their play this year. And it was really fun to follow. They had a great mix of players, played physical, but with a lot of skill, could beat you in many ways. They could out-hit even teams that traditionally get into their game that way like Straubing, and they could still out-skill speedy/slick teams like Wolfsburg (the impressive 2013-calendar-year version of them, at least, not the 2012-version). It wasn't quite enough against Berlin's experience in the close finals.

Well, the potentially biggest thing for them is that they'll be back with virtually the same group next fall. Only Marco Sturm might be off again, looking for a job back overseas, but other than that, the core remains the same to a degree that is a seldom occurence in the league. It should help, and hopefully Krupp will be able to steer away from the bridesmaid's curse and help solidify the club among the top of the table.

Originally Posted by Jacko95 View Post
Just WOW, did they play in the soccer arena or which arena is able to handle over 18k of people in Cologne?
Originally Posted by Maverick41 View Post
It's the Lanxess arena in Cologne.
I'd say it's one of the best arenas in Europe.
Yup, that's it. When it's (somewhat) packed, it's beautiful. Averaging 12,642 over the season (which was thankfully quite a rise from last year), it's a bit of a shame it just is a fair bit too big for the average hockey game in Germany. Playing Ingolstadt on a Tuesday in November in front of 9,000 isn't much fun, but that's the way things are in Germany. Got to take the good with the bad, and that picture above at least illustrates that the good is pretty damn good at its time. With the club's upward trend I have some hope that we'll be looking at increased averages next year again.

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