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04-22-2013, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by BowDangles View Post
I built that team on cap geek and it ended up being under. The cap hit was over but than there was like 8 mil in bonuses so a portion of that brought it down to just under the 64mil cap.
ah ok thanks BD. Its always the bonuses that catch me.

I like Luongo but I don't like his contract. he said that as much too. The problem with Luongo's contract is:

a) he's currently unmoveable to any team. If the Oilers trade for him, expect him to be just as unmoveable to any other team if they need the cap space.

b) assuming then that's he unmoveable and that his cap space is 5.3333 for nine more years, that means someone else has to be moved if you get into cap space trouble.

c) the oilers are going to be in cap space trouble in the future. even without luongo, they're already paying $6 million per season to eberle and hall starting next year. RNH and Yakupov are going to be paid. Justin Schultz ELC will expire next year, he will get paid. Gagner is going to get paid.

d) And that's not assuming any additional monies for a first pairing defenseman, that the Oilers currently don't have.

Luongo on three year deal is more than fine. Luongo on a nine more year deal, is a killer.

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