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04-22-2013, 04:25 PM
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The Jets had three MAJOR wins with Ryan and his attitude was something that redefined what the NY Jets were. There was a complete culture change where the phrase same old Jets no longer applied. He earned this year. Not his fault that Shi*chez turned out to be such a puddle of puke and that jackassbaum gives him that horrendous extension when he was coming off such a god awful season. Other stuff is Ryan's fault but with Sanchez as bad as he was and Gholston/Ducrapass being such monumental failures that's the GM's fault. Mikey got the axe deservedly so.Ryan's biggest crime is smelling feet in the privacy of his own home I could care less if he posts himself to so long as we make it to AFC championship games and beat the Pats.

But then these last two years happenned. Now he's sink or swim but I think he's a great motivator and great defensive mind and I'd be glad if we kept him and tried to keep some damn stability with this garbage franchise for more than 3 or 4 years

I do recognize Ryan was in on Sanchez too though and Sancrap failed to develop under his watch I legitmately don't think it was his fault though. Mikey had no Qb b/c he went all in on Favre only to watch pennington leap frog his bad bicep and they thought they had something with crapchez. Not much else could be done there. oh can't forget Kellen Bustens

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