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04-22-2013, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Jets View Post
Also a secondary question is toe strings/straps. I tried wearing my pads in the gym for a little floor hockey practice last week and I just taped the strings/straps up so they wouldnt drag. But I couldn't keep the pads too straight and they kept twisting on me. I've read about people making a groove in the bottom of their shoe to run their foot anchor strap under and use with their shoes. Good idea?
I use my toe ties on my sneakers.

It's complicated to explain. Probably would be easier if i took pictures. I'll try to explain it anyways.

1) I passed the toe tie laces through bottom loops of my sneaker.
2) I then crossed the laces under the sneaker.
3) I wrapped the laces through the loop on the heel of the sneaker.
4) Crossed the laces again and tied them to the front of the sneaker.

Then i just keep my sneaker attached to the pad and all you have to do is put your foot in your sneaker and tie everything up and your done.

If you want pictures, i can take some if my explanation is too confusing.

A quick tip. Go buy the cheapest sneakers you can find. I bought a pair of 20$ wal-mart sneakers. Because they are so cheap, the rubber sole wore out fairly quickly thus giving me a nice smooth surface on the bottom of my foot to slide on the concrete floor.

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