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04-22-2013, 04:28 PM
Master Lok
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is it possible that Luongo could play for the duration of his contract?

Sure... he will be what 43 when his contract expires.

Is it likely? Nope. He'll probably retire before he hits 40.

Which means that any team stuck with his contract when he retires in the new CBA will be penalized for the remaining cap amount.

"Following retirement/defection, the “advantage” will be “recaptured” and charged against the club’s cap in equal amounts each year until the contract expires. This penalty applies to any team that received a cap advantage from the contract — ie. a traded contract — except in the event that the trade occurred prior to the new CBA coming into place in January 2013."

Ouch. this could hurt any team with the luongo contract really badly. No wonder he (his contract) is practically worthless right now.

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