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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
What was that exactly?

Wasn't Sanchez the QB for those supposed three major wins? The contract extension I'll grant you made and makes no sense. But I have to believe that Rex had a say in that

Those picks were on Rex's watch too.

It's sink or swim for Rex, but his owner and the GM are certainly tying bricks to his ankles.
It's a matter of opinion and perspective but see if you can guess what they were first.

Clemens, Gholston were not oN Rex's watch neither was trading for Favre who retired and left them with zero QB's thats on Mikey. They should have been filling in spots not sticking a rookie on a championship caliber team. Thats all on Mikey. My understanding is Rex did not have an overwhelmingl large vote on the drafted players and was only allowed one pick for himself basically. As I said he was reportedly in on Sanchez too but they had literally no choice. Clemens was the only QB on the roster.

Yes Sanchez was the QB but the point is I blame his massive regression and not Ryan's coaching. If I'm wrong and it's bothfine but I see Sangarbage's failings as his own moreso than any coaches. Way too many people were brought in to elevate this guy and teach him. Sometimes it's the player and sometimes it's the coach. In this case I'm voting it's the player

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