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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
NYI were definitely a more depth team with huge contributions form 3rd liners, especially in the playoffs and a contrast to the fire wagon hockey that the Oilers played.
But the Oiler's weren't the only team playing wide open hockey. The difference was the Oiler's had Gretzky, the other teams did not. It's that simple.
The '89 Oiler's didn't just suddenly change their style of play overnight. They just didn't have Gretzky any more. Remind me again who the Oiler's lost to in the '89 PO's?

The comp is an age comp, which is the only fair way to do these things. Wayne is hands down the forward I want until around his age 28 year. the two 3 year comps between Dats and Wayne (ages 28,29,30 and 31,32,33) I'd want Dats if I was building a team plain and simple.
It's still harder to score goals, especially at even strength, than it is to prevent them period.
The only possible way any GM in their right mind would do what you say is in a Cap world.

MAF couldn't stop a beach ball last year
Oh ok, so when it's Crosby, it's ok to blame the goalie but when it's Gretzky, it has nothing to do with the differences between Fuhr and Healy/Hrudey/Fitzpatrick

Sid is closer to Dats in the two way department than he is to Wayne, plain and simple.
Yeah in the sense that a 3rd line player is closer to Gretzky offensively than a 4th player is heh

Nice mantra to describe two different eras.
As I have said before, different era's require different priorities to succeed in them.

It's always nice to see open minds on the subject, do you actually know how Sid's career is going to go? Heck he could even age better than Wayne, I certainly don't know.
As long as someone doesn't mangle Sid's back, he def could age better than Wayne.
The difference however is that by the same age as Crosby is now...

Gretzky GP-632(712) G-543(589) P-1520(1630), PO: GP-101(114) G-69(79) P-175(195)
Crosby GP-470 G-238 P-665, PO: GP-68 G-33 P-90

8 Harts to 1
7 Art Ross to 1
5 Pearson's to 1
5 Rocket's to 1
3 Cups to 1
1 Conn Smythe to None

What were you saying about a healthy Sid being able to make up that gap....riiiiiiggghhhhttt

Mario is stuck at 2 SC and the Sedin thing is getting really old.
Getting old? It's only getting old because you don't have even the slightest counter for it. So it's sticks around through thick and thin and will NEVER go away.

For part of Wayne and Mario's career yes, but not all of it and not without the right supporting cast either.
For MOST of Wayne and Mario's careers and I don't see Sid's Pens hurting too badly or AT ALL without him over the last 3 seasons heh.

Either way, to assert that Mario is overrated because "people don't take his overall game into account" is ABSURD!!!

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