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Originally Posted by NeutralZone View Post
It's true that Edmonton can afford to pay the big 4 kids 6 each, but it means a steep drop-off after that. If we're thinking of paying Gagner 5 million, maybe another 5 million for a big mean power forward left winger, that's getting too expensive for a top 6, especially if we want an above average goaltender and an elite dman. If we stick with all the kids at that rate, it's going to mean settling for some lesser players to fill out the rest of the roster. If they're making that much money, the kids are going to have to do the heavy lifting for the team. I'm hopeful that they'll get there, but they certainly aren't there now.
Are you really thinking that? Is anyone really thinking that? Based on what, a partial season of success? Gagner is streaky, it is one of his problems. He is NOT a consistent player. Yes, he has had a decent half a season, but he has shown in the past that he can do great things for a limited time and then go long stretches without doing anything. What has he done in the last 5 games? Nothing. He is the kind of player who could get 10 points over the next 30 games.

Wow, I really hope Edmonton does NOT give Gagner 5 million, that would be a brutal contract that they would get stuck with.

As to the actual poll, I think you trade either one based upon the best package you can get towards filling your greatest area of weakness. If Eberle gets you the best player/package, trade him. If it is Yakupov, then send him out. Edmonton has some glaring needs and one of those two could be dealt to address one of the more obvious team needs the Oilers have.

Whatever you guys do, do NOT give Gagner 5 million per season.

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