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04-22-2013, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by GarbageGoal View Post
OK, I get you.

I'm pro death penalty in many cases (this is a pretty good one) but sometimes I just feel like pro death people assume it's an immediate trip to hell. My point was for all we know everyone gets to go to "heaven" or your soul gets to float around in the galaxy remembering the good times in your life like your sixth birthday party or the first time having sex or if you're a sociopath, destroying hundreds of people's lives in one blast. That would not be a fitting punishment IMHO.

Maybe this is too existential for here, but just a thought.
Probably yeah. I get depressed any time the topic comes up because I want the guy to get what's coming to him but it depresses me to think I feel that way too. Just an all-around depressing topic.

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