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04-22-2013, 05:10 PM
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Kreider has been hyped up for years to the point where we expected a 40 pt winger out the gate, and this was encouraged by his play in the playoffs. There seems to be this idea that he is still NHL ready and that he's just being held back, but this comes from nothing but speculation, and flies in the face of every scouting report ever given on him.

He's a fine toolset without the box. He's all over the place, and if he happens to find himself in the right situation, with the right time and space, he'll get it done, but he's unable to put all of this together it seems. We've seen improvement, and we've seen flashes of the player I, and it seems the rest of us, think he will be. But he's only 21, in his first year of professional hockey.

Right now, Kreider is one of the last things on Torts mind. We're in the middle of fighting tooth and nail for a playoff spot, and one of his most trusted defensive players just got injured out of the lineup. He wanted Kreider and Miller in the AHL playing top minutes, and they were, until he was forced to call a left wing up. It's clear Torts doesn't want him there yet, and I don't blame him. Defensive liabilities who don't contribute consistently are not an option this time of year.

10-15 games of diminished ice-time isn't going to "ruin" a prospect, especially when there's no AHL game for him to miss. He gets some more experience, more chances to earn Torts's trust, and hopefully gets to see some more playoffs, and make some god damn noise. But no coach is going to risk crippling his team to give the rookie a shot at proving himself 3 games before the playoffs with our position unsecured.

I know we all want to see this magnificent, Ranger-drafted American-born top-line left-wing power-forward come in and tear the ****ing league up, but that's not what we have right now, and we can't afford to try to force that.

So lets stop facepalming about Torts not playing the least experienced player in the line up more than a few minutes a night in the most important games we've played all season, k?

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