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04-22-2013, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Hal Still View Post
Things to note: He IS an "official" US citizen. He may be tried as a terrorist, but he is still a citizen.

As much as I want him to be "expired", I want him to have his due process. I cannot imagine ANY scenario that could find him free on all counts. He is facing more charges that he could count. Books worth of them. Think of all the laws he broke, in multiple places and against multiple people and establishments.

Once he is officially sentenced, he could stay at one of our fine establishments:
Walpole, Concord, etc. with the fine selection of criminals therein.

Now, just imagine for a moment, how horrible these places are; FILLED with REALLY bad people that have done unimaginable things to get where they are. Now, here comes a skinny little 19 year old teenager, that has killed innocent children and people. He won't last more than a year. If he does, he'll be begging for execution.

This is such a horrible situation for everyone. There are no winners in anyway. If there was ever a case for time travel....
Wrong. Federal government assumed jurisdiction. It's a Federal case, he'll face Federal prosecution, and any punishment on the table therein. Including the needle, w/ a wad of cotton the size of your fist stuffed up his blutor, while wearing depends. If he gets life, it's in a federal supermax.

Already saying they'll airlift him out of the hospital out of fear a mob will rip him to pieces. Which is what he really deserves.

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