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04-22-2013, 05:39 PM
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Sorry for the wall of text/multiple posts in a row – I was out of town so didn’t check in with these boards until today. If you don’t want to read them; skip it. They are mostly responding to one poster/sentiment anyway.

Originally Posted by RGY View Post
Has nothing to do with the scoresheet. The shift he got the assist on was his best one but then again he was fresh off the bench against tired panthers players.
Yea - I thought that was a good shift – but I actually thought it was pretty far from his best one; and can see your point about the Panther players being tired, even if I don’t take the same perspective as you do on it.

He had what I’m fairly certain were back to back(?) shifts in the first period of that game that were very solid. The first shift he out hustled two Florida players (one defender, one backchecking forward) to be the second man in a 2 on 1 – Brassard tried to pass and failed. The second shift he created two scoring chances by winning puck battles and making nice, simple passes (Clowe, to Nash, to Moore & Clowe to Brass(? – memory isn’t great)). Add that to the Zucc goal, that he had 3 hits that game, and that he was consistently the first forward back backchecking on his line all game, and I’d say that was a very solid effort.

Obviously, since I missed the first 9 min or so of that game, I missed the bad shift you’re talking about. One bad shift does not mean the whole game was a bad game for the guy though.

Originally Posted by RGY View Post
He has made some poor decisions with the puck. He made a stupid play icing the puck in the first.
Outside of this shift that you’re referencing – which I didn’t see – I didn’t see any egregious errors or turnovers that he made. Do you have examples, or is this just a general statement that isn’t supported? What other bad decisions did he make in that game (or others)?

Originally Posted by RGY View Post
He has been very slow out there, getting beat to pucks and space.
I don’t disagree that he is slower. But I don’t think he is slow as in Rupp-slow… The guy has consistently been the first guy back on the back-check, has been able to dig out loose pucks, and join in on the rush. If his speed were god awful, none of those things would be the case.

Originally Posted by RGY View Post
He is not using his size against a young and vulnerable team. I can understand you want to look at the good but there's been more bad than good
Originally Posted by RGY View Post
I'm not even discussing that from an offensive standpoint. I'm looking at it in the sense that he is too slow to get in and finish a check; by the time he's there it'd be a late hit and/or the play is gone already. That is just not efficient for the type of player he is and what you expect.
I agree that I would like to see him crash the net a bit more (even though he did screen Marty in one of the goals yesterday) – but your statements here just don’t have a basis in reality. In the Florida game he had three hits -- that was better than virtually everyone else on the team. Cally is the only Ranger with more hits than Clowe in the past 10 games – including defenders. Clowe is averaging 2.5 hits per game (25 total in 10 games). Callahan has 33 hits in that time, averaging 3.3 per game. Seems like he’s doing fine finding ways to get physical.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see the Buffalo or NJD games this weekend (was traveling Friday evening and Sunday afternoon). But from what I saw in the Florida game and limited replays, he was also consistently the first forward on his line getting back on the back-check (and though I wasn’t paying quite as close attention in the games prior to this – he seemed to do a decent job defensively in those games as well). He’s clearly finding a way to stay in position on that side of the puck. He is a +8 in the past 10 games.

Even the ****** goal he got on Miller the other night – yes it was gift wrapped for him – but that was the result of him forechecking hard and getting himself into the right position.

He has been a part of a few odd man rushes…

So where are these plays that his speed is preventing him from being a part of?

Originally Posted by RGY View Post
So do we say the same for Richards? Did we say the same for Drury? Clowe is on the wrong side of 30, getting slower and less effective. The past is the past.
Yes, for the most part many would say the same thing for those two. Drury had multiple years to turn it around, and wasn’t actually all that bad his first couple seasons here. He was beat down in the end by his body deteriorating which was what led to the bad production. Richards, even though he has been the fan favorite (myself included) whipping boy this year, has never – among the reasonable people – been suggested as a buyout candidate for this summer. Everyone has been incredibly pissed – rightfully so – with his performance this year; but from what I’ve seen, are willing to give him a chance next season without the wackiness that comes with a lockout shortened season. So yea – he also gets a pass for a down year. I see the concern about Clowe and his physical game – but the Rangers are in a better position than us to determine whether his injury issues this season will be persistent or not.

Again, no one is saying that these guys will get better – that is na´ve at this point in their careers. Nor are the proponents of keeping Clowe realistically saying he returns to 70 pt form. At best, the most you can reasonably expect is somewhere in the range of 45-50 pts. In my eyes, that is more than solid for a guy who brings everything else he does to the team and more than worth $4 – 4.5 mil per year for a few years.

Originally Posted by RGY View Post
I don't see him being a 30 goal scorer for this team. I don't see him being a 25 goal scorer. I see POSSIBLY 20 goals and 25-30 assists.
He has never in his career been a 30 goal scorer. There were only thirty players last year who scored 30 or more goals… That said, he hasn’t ever cracked 25 goals either – though he has been on pace for it over 82 games in two seasons. So I don’t get where either of these #s are coming from.

If anyone was anticipating those numbers, they are delusional – I agree. But he is more than capable of putting up 15-20 goals and 25-30 assists. In his worst career year he outpaced that production. I can understand concern that his production will continue to slip slightly, but I feel like the hysteria over this is coming from misconstrued or misguided expectations of what kind of player he is and the pt production that can be expected from him.

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