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04-22-2013, 07:07 PM
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Perhaps, but it would have to be a stopgap or a rental. Hell, we might even re-sign Penner on another year deal because I would expect Toffoli would get his shot at the start of next year. They've been trying him on the left side and he was succeeding, in a more more meaningful way than Penner has despite his acceptable play as of late. Start Toffoli off on the second or third line and alternate with a veteran until he solidifies himself is what I am picturing next season.
I like Toffoli and like any young player, he needs more ice time to work on his complete game. But I can't see him on the 2nd line because he and Carter are both shooters. I don't see that as being a good fit. Maybe the put him on the top line and move someone down ? No problem with him starting on the 3rd line but he's a top 6 player and eventually needs to move there.
And who knows, maybe Pearson impresses in camp and gets his shot at LW

I based part of the LW in a trade scenario based on an article Iread from a Toronto paper that cited that 'sources close to the situation ' cited that the Kings will be trading with an Eastern Con. team for Bernier, part of the come back was a solid LW. It said that the Kings were agreeable to the return but wouldn't give up Bernier until the season is done , so the deal didn't get done on trade day. I heard a similar rumor here in Philly from a friend who dates someone in the Flyers pub relations dept who said that Mason was being signed as a backup and the Flyers were going to get Bernier post season. So in that case, I'm guessing Matt Read comes back.

I'm curious to see how it plays out.

I can't see Penner back next year. He's just not reliable enough for 82 games and I don't think Sutter likes him much. That line deserves better and someone more stable.

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