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Originally Posted by sawchuk1971 View Post
sorry......cleveland can't support a NHL team here... even the sport talk show hosts in this town don't even like hockey...

the city has trouble attracting fans to watch the indians....

and lastly, its a browns football town here....the browns new owner, jimmy haslem, is just recently being investigated by the FBI, because of over some shady deal over rebates in his truck stop business...

that story received more press in cleveland last week than the bombing in boston...
I live in Cleveland too. I think its more of an issue of not having an economy big enough to support 4 major league teams. The Browns are far and away #1 here, but its no different than the Leafs being #1 in Toronto (where I am from and spent all 2012). In Toronto the sports talk will discuss the Leafs in July even if the Jays are good but that doesn't mean Toronto doesn't support the Jays. If we had enough economic activity a hockey team could do well here but we are far from that point.

As for the comment about Monsters attendance someone else made, thats driven by the fact that ticket prices are insanely low which makes it almost the same as going to a movie. Throw on top of that the giveaways and other promotions. I've been to a bunch of Monsters games over the years and never once paid my way in. So that doesn't translate to supporting an NHL franchise at NHL prices. For every person like me who will pay $50 for an NHL ticket but would only go to an AHL game if it was free there are many more who go to AHL games because they only charge $10 or less but wouldn't pay NHL prices.

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