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Originally Posted by dr q View Post
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned as I've been out of the loop intentionally with this case since we got the lil ****er.

I heard that the older brother may have been involved with that unsolved triple homicide a few years back, the one involving slashed throats and marijuana. The older bro was apparently best friends with one of the victims, but didn't show up at funerals or services following the murder, and fell off the face of the earth basically. It's really weird too because of him mentioning how he has no American friends in that interview.. yet he referred to one of these 3 victims as his "best friends" on multiple other occasions.. Not sure how much water it carries, but this board has had solid info on the whole case, so I thought someone here may know. Thanks.
yah, really, how did investigators not just grab cell phone records, common threads on these guys- it would seem in the age of information there is plenty at the disposal- hell, the guy or guys who did it apparently knew the murder, what no fingerprints; this would really suck if it ends up being the older brother. I remember reading this and thinking you got to be ******** me they cant find this guy. I hope like hell they did really run finger prints and spoke to him and he was cleared. if they ever go back and find out he was the guy this will be beyond horrible- this dirt bag should have been doing 300 years in prison

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