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04-22-2013, 06:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Ya. If the radio heads & papers in Toronto are to be believed, looks like we'll be moving Christmas from December 25th to March 15th, the Birthdate of the second coming of Jesus in Leafs Goaltender James Reimer... while this Friday, April 26th, could be the night of the last NHL game ever played in Phoenix, and not so much as a "Boo" from the Commissioners office.
Maybe we could make this Friday Halloween, that way he at least says "boo"?

The amount of silence coming from the NHL offices would indeed put Don Adams and his cone of silence to shame (yea I know that was done LONG ago in this saga, but it still applies I think)

I'm almost willing to bet one of my masks (ALMOST) that on that appointed day, we will hear this original statement from Msrs Bettman and/or Daly: "This is a process, and we'll see where it goes and when we have something to say when we've got something, but our goal is to work towards keeping the team in Phoenix."

And oh yea, I expect something about "being disappointed" thrown in there too by Daly

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