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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Here's something else to consider in the whole Dats vs Gretzky age 28-30 debate...
In 90/91 Gretzky doubled the scoring output of the best player on 11 of the 20 other teams in the League and almost doubled another 3.
Basically only 6 teams in the entire League were capable of icing a player that could do much better than half of Gretzky's production and we're not talking about scrubs here either.

So you'll excuse me if I have a hard time thinking of Dats holding the value of two top line players.
As high a value as his 2-way play is, it's still not the value of two players.
Running the numbers on Mario reveals a similar result.
Yes, I have never understood how Datsyuk has snuck into this conversation. A 1991 Gretzky still led the Canada Cup in points despite being injured at the end. He also had more assists than anyone else but Hull had points, and even then it was close. Fine player Datsyuk is, but right now I'd put a current Crosby at about the level of a 1991 Gretzky. There is now way even a prime Datsyuk was as good as Crosby today.

Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
Yeah but come on man, Malkin is ONE player. Better to go by the field and by doing that Stamkos had almost 50 percent more goals. That is lapping the field. By this i dont mean Stamkos was a better player than Gretzky, but rather i'd like to direct everbody back to that Hockey-Reference link somebody posted with the all-time single season adjusted goals top-list. Gretzky's goal scoring was nothing compared to what those hard number huggers makes it out to be. Same of course, but to a significant smaller degree when it comes to points.
No, Stamkos didn't. He had 10 more goals than the next best. We can't be cherry picking here. The best season Stamkos had he had 20% more goals than his closest competitor. Gretzky's best was 55%. You can adjust until you are blue in the face so that it makes you point but you can't argue the facts here.

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