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04-22-2013, 07:39 PM
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As a Bayern fan I don't think Gotze should leave Dortmund. He's the most exciting talent in German footy but a one-team league isn't fun and Bayern already have a ton of class and young, talented players. Unless one of Ribery or Robben leave this off-season I don't see where Gotze can come in without pushing someone who'd be a starter on nearly any team in the world, onto the bench. I already hate that Gomez, the goal scoring phenom that he is, has been scapegoated for last season's failings and has to feed off of scrap minutes - with Gotze coming in it'll probably be Robben and/or Kroos squeezed out and that's not right at all.

I'd probably sing a different tune if I didn't respect Dortmund and their project so much... They should pick up more talent, they shouldn't lose their star.

The only benefits I see are that a) Bayern are going to look so, so good next year if squad chemistry isn't disrupted by the sudden change to Pep and b) At least Gotze stayed in Germany.

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