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04-22-2013, 08:00 PM
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Said it before, and I still stand by it.

All hat, no cattle.

Just one of those guys that knows how to talk smooth and ace the job interview, but when it comes time to show your worth he's shown that he simply cannot be a head coach at this level. An assistant coach? Sure, as best we know he did have a hand in revamping the special teams and the players probably like his Mr. Rogers-esque "I'm OK, you're OK" approach.

This team doesn't need a head coach who is a player's buddy. They need someone who can coach his way out of a wet paper bag during a game and get the most out of his roster. Wreck-It Ralph can do none of that.

And for all that is good and holy, would he fricking STOP putting the 4th line out against the other team's first line when the Oilers have last change? It makes me want to high five his face with a brick.

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