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04-22-2013, 08:16 PM
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Originally Posted by HossTheBoss View Post
Cry everyone a river. Any knowledgeable fan knows why Chicago has Crawford in net. Stop whining about it. It's because Chicago has Crawford in net that Chicago can afford to ice as talented a team as they can. You want a Rinne or a Lundqvist, kiss bye-bye to a Patrick Sharp, Marian Hossa or Brent Seabrook. And, guess what? You can't even replace that all-star with a semi-capable player, because your goaltender consumes so much of the cap.

Crawford and Emery's stats are near the top of the league. Chicago has proven, as they've proven before, that they don't need outstanding goaltending to win, they just need someone who can hold a team to 2-3 goals (or less). This year, both goaltenders have exceeded those expectations.

Why not, instead of complaining about Crawford, do you not enjoy the statistically dominant season he's having, while knowing the Hawks are only using 2.66M against the cap to get that kind of production from him. Crawford's been great this year. He's let in a few stinkers. Who cares. The team's 34-5-5. It's clearly not effecting them.
WOW! As much as some people are underselling Crawford, you just completely overrated Crawford. He is having a good year, nothing statistically dominant about it.

I haven't said the Hawks need to go out and get Lundqvist or Rinne, I simply said don't compare Crawford to them because you can't. There are plenty of good goalies you don't make 7+ million.

I am still not sold on either goalie come playoff time, great both goalies have put up good numbers during the regular season when half the games have been against teams that are bad, come the playoffs your playing top teams every night and can't always rely on avg. goaltending. The 2010 team was a rarity as much more often then not a team needs good to great goaltending to win and not just avg.

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