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04-22-2013, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by InformTheMasses View Post
You're right. I actually did nominate Crew though. But truthfully YOU Yourself are name I forgot among many others. Mitch I was going to nominate for the Rambo award or something where they dont post often but when they do are great reads.

There's a ton of good posters, perhaps I wasn't qaulified to nominate now that I think about it, I'm too new and bad with names.

You ALL deserve awards.
You already reserved some of my slots. I think I cast the first vote for these a month before MM made this, your name being the ticket, but truly there are a few folks who do a great job keeping us informed of prospects.

I miss Mitch expressing grumpiness over having to say something again, then writing a novel. Hahahaaaa.....

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