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Originally Posted by Nalyd Psycho View Post
Claude Lemieux's Playoff numbers per 82gp.
28g, 27a, 55pts.
Ken Linseman's
31g, 56a, 87pts.

And in fairness to era, Lemieux's numbers if you eliminate his last five playoffs:
30g, 25a, 55pts.

Lets not overstate Lemieux's playoff play. He stepped his game up, but he did not become a star player. He had a lot of average playoffs. And a lot of his games played can be attributed to playing in front of Patrick Roy or Martin Brodeur for the majority of his career.
What does Ken Linseman have to do with Claude Lemieux vs. Martin St. Louis? It's possible that people think St. Louis short playoff-career in his prime are superior to Lemieux 234 games with peak performances i believe are in St. Louis class, i dont know. Lemieux do bring other intangibles though that St. Louis does not.
Maybe you mean that that Parise-Linseman-Foligno line are supposed to play against Sedin-Petrov-Lemieux line? Good matchup, but i think you'll be at minus when all is said and done. You wont be able to get the puck off the europeans and Lemieux will run Parise over.

I wouldn't say that my 3rd line has better players, I said they are offensively superior. Your 3rd line is an offensive blackhole.
I hav'nt said you did, it was BillyShoe that said that i did say mine was better.

You may think that giving your 4th line barely any minutes hides there flaws, but all it does is increase the grind on your top players in what will inevitably be a physical series.
If you believe 17-19 minutes on my first three lines are too much i think you are judging it wrong, in that case you should worry more about your two guys getting 22 minutes. When it comes to my fourth lines flaws i think you are overcalling them, not the least in the playoffs. Both Bobby Schmautz and Marcel Bonin have peak performances not to be ashamed of, but short careers. I give them five minutes at ES.

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