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04-22-2013, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by NoNecksCurse View Post
AHL games do not count towards number of games played. so FF9 plays 2 more games here for 5 total then goes to Milwaukee to play till they are eliminated. none of this will burn a year off his ELC
I think you are mistaken, at least technically. Its not that AHL games dont count.. they do count if the Predators actually send him down as a Predators player.

As it was explained to me earlier today(thanks, Slake), FF could sign a PTO(professional try out) contract with the Ads that would be separate from his NHL ELC.

Technically, right now FF is just like a kid playing in juniors getting a look from the team that drafted him... Preds have his rights, but until he plays that 6th game, he is not actually a "professional" and his ELC isnt in force, and if this was the beginning of the season not the end, he would be returned to his junior club and still be an amateur, with no ELC years being used.... that being the case, after being "returned" by the Preds, and with his (Swedish)junior season already complete, he could sign the "try out" contract with the Ads, and for the purpose of that contract he would be Ads property, not a Preds player who has been sent down.

If this is incorrect, someone please correct me.

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