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04-22-2013, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Bolt32 View Post
Eh hes still very young and playing at a very high level. Arguments could be made that he is not a number 1 yet in his career and you will probably have good footing to make that claim, however he isn't close to what he will become. Jones looks like he could very well be a better defensemen by the end of it all, but Hedman is going to be a star in his own right. Regardless if we get Jones or not, I think Hedman will be the defensemen we drafted him to be. It will be as if a team got both Lidstrom and Pronger. Logic will dictate that Lidstrom will be the better of the two, but it's not as if Pronger couldn't hold down the fort on any given night if needed.

Edit: Didn't see you put the Generational tag down there. Generational for me, their only has been three ever to grace the term Generational in my mind. Orr, Gretzky and Mario......Very elite players after that, but not generational. So I actually agree with that Statement. Hedmen isn't a Generational nor do I think he ever will be. Elite I'd be willing to toss at him however.
Maybe "hall of fame" would have been a better tag than generational. All the same, I don't think we're too far off in what we think here, just a matter of verbiage. I also think Hedman will be a #1 defenseman, but having 2 of those is a most excellent problem to have.

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