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04-22-2013, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by ImIdaho View Post
I was a fan when those guys were around and I don't know what relevance me being an adult when Dolan got free-reigns has to do with anything. It's a non-sequitur.

****, if you tossed aside the Knicks because of Dolan, than you probably will switch over to the Isles know, he also owns the Rangers and has made as many boneheaded moves with the Rangers as he has with the Knicks. Hell, Sather is still here.
My point is Dolan's involvement in the Knicks has been completely destructive. He **** on the fans over and over and over again, ran the organization as his personal toy and made almost ever decision out of pride and ego and to thumb his nose at anyone who ever crossed him (or who he ever THOUGHT crossed him). He undermined his own coaches and GMs, brought in truly disgusting players, ****ed over good men (and good basketball minds) while simultaneously catering to those who were obsequious toadies.

The reason why I asked how old you were is because there is a BIG difference between having lived with the proud Knicks of the first half of the nineties and having then been forced to endure Dolan's personal circus for the next 15 years, as opposed to really only getting to know the team as an adult after Dolan took over. If you were younger than 25 or so when he bought the team, I don't know that you can really appreciate what I'm talking about.

And comparing that to his ownership of the Rangers? Please - Dolan has done the exact opposite with the Rangers. He hasn't inserted himself in the operations at all. Heck, I bet you he wouldn't know half his own team if he ran into them on the street. The ONLY thing you can blame Dolan for when it comes to the Rangers is giving Slats too long a leash. I only wish he'd done the same with Donnie Walsh.

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