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04-22-2013, 10:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
Never have truer words been spoken than anybody looks good compared to that piece of garbage. You got him and those 3 other mattresses down here. The Tampa Bay Tempur-pedic twins, and the Loch Ness Markster.

My bar is pretty high actually which is why I say trash like Mike Smith is overrated. I've played a little goalie so I know how hard it is to stop those deflections that seem to cripple us every game, but we barely can get one to go our way. Hedberg was a very good backup for us for two years before this, and he was fantastic in the first few games when he was getting sporadic starts. I agree that there were times he wasn't really tested. Though he's a good backup I think.

Personally I'm more interested in getting some scoring. Hedberg is fine as a backup, but should NEVER be counted on to start that many games or at least not in back to backs. I wouldn't want Marty to start in back to backs in an 82 game season. We've seen the early and mid 30s Marty start so many games in the regular season, and be pretty ineffective come playoff time. So that means if Hedberg gets injured then someone else needs to get a chance to play in his spot during the back to backs next year.
I swear your nick names are the work of genius. Jesus that made me laugh.

In seriousness though I agree that if Marty were to get hurt again next year, Pete can't be so stubborn and force Moose to start every game. That is just really really dumb. If Moose is sticking around he has to be splitting time, whether it is with Marty or a kid.

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