Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Canadiens vs Devils - April 23, 2013
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04-22-2013, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Aceekay View Post
So if pacioretty has 12(just guessing) bad games in a row, it's ok and he's in a slump. When price has 4 bad games it's he's lazy and overpaid trade him? How in the world can you say that these guys are aloud to suck but he's not? Ridiculous logic.
Everybody on the team including Markov and Plekanec have been nominated multiple times as trade bait here on HF, justified or not. That's just how our bipolar fans are. I was only pointing out that if Pacioretty's head is not in the game because his dog died or his wife left him there are 17 other guys out there to pick up the slack. Fair or not that's just how it is. Your goalie needs to be the strongest player mentally on the team night in and night out. It's not an easy position to play. Unfortunately I don't think Carey is very mentally tough, yet...I pray to God that he becomes it one day...

Then again I'm not CareyCost, I won't post in a GDT every time he lets in a bad goal. There's no point. But you won't find me coddling and sympathizing with someone who makes more money then I'll see in my life time.. When you pay the prices at the bell center don't you expect excellence from every single player on the team? I do. It's not fun paying $500 to watch your team get shallacked 5-0 and the first 3 goals came on the first 4 shots or whatever it was. You're right, it's not all on Carey but he needs to be held accountable like everybody else.

Either way I'm excited for the playoffs to see what this team is really made of.

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