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04-22-2013, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
I hear you there. I am still trying to stomach the fact that the Islanders will be in the playoffs, and not us. The frickin Islanders! Well a lot of people here wanted to see them make a run. I always said if they do anytime soon it would probably involve us not being in the playoffs.

Thanks! Glad to make people laugh in these maybe somewhat disheartening times around here.

Yeah that's on Pete for not trying to change things up. Kinkaid played pretty well in his period+ of work, and even stopped one of the best players in the league on a breakaway. I don't give a **** if he has a 906 save percentage in the AHL. He will probably be more protected here, and who knows? It might have forced the team to play a little tighter in front of him. Especially on the PK which was horrid at that time during that sretch for awhile there.

Still have a hard time blaming Moose when the team scored 1.83 goals for him. I always said Marty on top of his game could have just gotten us loser OT points, and it seemed once he came back, and Kovy went down that's exactly what was happening in half those games. We were losing in shootouts. Had the team played like that with Marty then maybe we'd be in the playoffs, but we'd have so many loser points it would put last years Panthers to shame, and many people loved to rip on their record last year.
Wasn't just the offense in the Moose games. We went over how horrific the PK during that time, and honestly the 5 on 5 defense was more error prone during that period too. We tightened up defensively when Marty came back, part of it expected with his puck play, but we stopped scoring goals period.

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