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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Right, he sucks. So, according to different fans of this board.
Before the season started, PK should have been traded for being selfish, and wasn't even top 30 Dman in the NHL.
As the season progressed, MaxPac is annoying, Gionta is crap, DD is crap, Eller was crap at some point, Plek hides when tough gets going, Markov is old wood, Gorges is a crybaby, Price is garbage, Drewiske is barely a NHL player, Emelin is now known as the piece that held everything together, Moen is crap, Armstrong is useless, Prust is our MVP, Bouillon sucks, Bergevin threw this season away..
These are things I've read on this board this year alone, and we're talking about a team that is fighting for the #2 spot in the Eastern conference.

DD does not suck. In what many would consider a very bad year for him, he is scoring at a higher pace than .5. I mean, if that's on a bad year, then he probably doesn't suck all that much after all.

You don't like DD, fine. Still, he doesn't suck. He battles hard, goes in the rough areas, gives it his all, doesn't give lazy effort backed up with cheap excuses, and still puts up a fair number of points.

If you think he's always on the ice, then the problem is Therrien not DD.
I've said it since the beginning of the season, Eller should have taken over DD's spot in the top 6. I also feel DD should have been tried on the wings. I think it's pretty ridiculous that DD-MaxPac are still used on the #1 PP unit. We have 9 very capable offensive players, which is a luxury, but we failed to really utilize them to our best advantage imo.
All that being said, in no way does this mean DD sucks, nor is it his fault.
You just showed that you turned him into your scapegoat.

Absolutely it's movable.

It's not about getting the best return for him. If it's gone to the point where DD's contract becomes a burden (because that's what I was responding to, people complaining about the extension) on us because he's not living up to what fans think 3.5M should be, then it really doesn't matter what the return is, they just want the contract moved.

Even you acknowledge that some teams could surely use his help and would likely be interested, so yea, it's a movable contract. There's no need to whine about it.
At that price, even if his value drops, it's not a huge contract, I'm sure some teams would be willing to give this guy a 2nd chance.
0.5 pts/game for DD, who is playing on the #1 line with our top wingers, is HORRIBLE. It's suckitude of the highest order.

One goal for DD in his last 19 games is suckitude of GOMEZ order.

And as far as moving his contract... that will only happen if the Nordiques get back in the NHL. Anyone else will laugh in Bergevin's face!

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